Croatia Unofficial

is a project by

Association for Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Research.

It aims at featuring less known, under-represented and/or unofficial features of Croatian architecture, arts&culture, design, gastronomy, history, past and present customs, people and places.
And, o yes, politics, too.
We can direct you, take you, walk you, cycle you, drive you or sail you to the places where the official narratives do not delve into.

Unfortunately. Because all these stories should have been made available to tourists and travelers long time and in manifold forms.

In cooperation with ZAGREB BY BIKE.

Text&translation (if not stated otherwise): Sonja LeboŇ°, cultural anthropologist

Visuals (if not stated otherwise): AIIR Archive

Croatia Unofficial is a part of a bigger picture titled


Support: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia